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My bookstagram began as a way for me to share my excitement about the wealth of #AsianStories children's books I discovered while preparing for the birth of my daughter. My niche is children's books by Asian authors and illustrators, particularly those from small businesses, mom-authors, and those published through crowdfunding campaigns (like Kickstarter). I showcase bilingual books, #ownvoices stories, and other books with the goal of amplifying Asian voices and promoting greater representation in children's literature.


As a non-Asian person, I am conscious of not centering myself in my platform. Instead, I see myself as an ally, using my platform to amplify the voices of Asian authors and illustrators. My hope is that by promoting Asian representation in home libraries, I can help introduce Asian stories to non-Asian readers and in some way combat racism and ignorance towards people of Asian descent. I strongly believe that books build empathy by allowing us to gain insight into the experiences of others. For readers of Asian descent, I also hope to provide resources that enhance their understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage and languages.

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