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Cultivating Cultural Connections: Nurturing Language Development with Curio's Book Box Subscription

Curio book box subscription

I’m excited to partner with Curio, a subscription book club for children ages 0-10, offering books in Chinese (Traditional or Simplified), Spanish, and French!


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My spouse and I are committed to nurturing our children's connection with their heritage by imparting my husband's native Mandarin Chinese. This linguistic foundation not only facilitates communication with their grandparents but also instills an appreciation for their cultural roots. As a non-native Mandarin speaker living in an English-centric environment, I've discovered that integrating Mandarin into our daily lives is best achieved through books. However, finding foreign language books, especially for non-native speakers, can be a challenge. Thankfully, Curio simplifies this journey by delivering meticulously curated book boxes, complemented by supplementary resources that effortlessly guide non-native caregivers in teaching a second language.


Curio offers two distinctive subscriptions tailored to specific age groups. The Bud Box, designed for ages 0-3, focuses on repetition and enumeration with concise text and simple illustrations, promoting word and sound recognition. The Sprout Box, catering to ages 4 and above, presents books with more intricate storylines and challenging vocabulary. Subscribers receive a fresh box every three months, comprising a unique selection of 3-4 books, along with reading guides, pronunciation aids, and engaging read alongs. Additionally, Curio offers several standalone products, including newborn boxes in Spanish and French and a silicone world map puzzle.


An outstanding feature of Curio is its commitment to sourcing books directly from the countries where the featured language is native, such as China for Simplified Chinese books. This ensures that the subscription boxes boast a collection of books that are rich in culture and often rare or unavailable in the United States, providing a truly enriching and unique experience for young readers. Elevate your child's language learning journey with Curio, where every box unfolds a world of linguistic exploration and cultural discovery!


Simplified Chinese Courage Bud Box Review

Inside the Courage Bud Box

The Curio Bud Boxes cater specifically to children aged 0-3, with each box focusing on a social emotional development theme. The Courage Box represents the initial installment among four distinctive Bud Boxes, with subsequent boxes focusing on Emotions, Relationships, and Kindness. In addition to the captivating stories enclosed within, each book is accompanied by supplementary resources. These include an overview of the narrative, a glossary featuring key terms, thought-provoking discussion prompts, and a full translation of the text in both Pinyin and English. For convenient access to digital versions of these resources, simply navigate to the Resources section on Curio’s website. Furthermore, the online platform offers engaging audio read alongs for an immersive experience. Notably, each box comes with a QR code conveniently located inside the lid, providing direct access to Curio’s online Resources section.

Resources page QR code

Courage Bud Box Books

The Courage Bud Box presents a captivating trio of stories tailored for young learners. The first tale, "The Fearless/Courageous Little Rabbit" (小兔儿一点也不怕), follows the journey of a timid young rabbit sent on his first solo errand by his mother. Initially daunted by the task, he encounters supportive friends along the way who imbue him with newfound courage. Returning home, he pays forward his courage by assisting those in need. This narrative illustrates to children the normalcy of fear and the empowering nature of camaraderie, emphasizing the capacity to conquer fears with the aid of friends and the importance of extending kindness to others in moments of vulnerability.

In "Who is the tallest?" (谁最高), the second book within the collection, readers are treated to a delightful tale of comparisons. Everyday objects and family members are whimsically juxtaposed to determine their relative height. The story unfolds with engaging repetition, leading to a charming conclusion where the family cat, in its playful pursuit of being the tallest, inadvertently finds itself entangled in mischief.

The collection culminates with "Knock! Knock! Who is inside?" (咚!咚!,睡在里面?), a tale brimming with humor and educational value. Through playful repetition, the story revolves around a closed bathroom door, prompting curious knocks to unveil its occupants. Each surprise reveals a different animal, comically startled while attending to their business. As they emerge, they offer practical advice on proper potty etiquette, such as knocking before entering, not jumping around during use, and practicing proper hygiene afterward. This lighthearted narrative not only introduces good potty habits in a humorous manner, but also fosters a sense of fun through its animal characters. Supplementary resources for this story include a matching game, challenging children to connect each animal's name with its corresponding picture, further enhancing the learning experience.

Curio's subscription book boxes are an invaluable resource for caregivers eager to introduce children to Chinese, French, or Spanish. The Bud Courage Box, housing three meticulously curated hardcover books with wonderful illustrations, stands as a testament to the quality of Curio's selections. Each box revolves around a relevant and enriching theme tailored to children's developmental needs, a feature I find particularly commendable. The distinctiveness of the book choices and the focus on the target language add a layer of exclusivity to the experience.


The accompanying reading guides, though succinct, offer caregivers ideas to maximize the learning potential of each book. As a non-native Mandarin speaker, I deeply appreciate the inclusion of Pinyin/English translations, which enhance accessibility and comprehension for learners of all backgrounds.


Reading Guide and Translation

However, one area for improvement lies in the included resources. In my box, I had incomplete translations for two books. However, I easily obtained the correct and full translations from Curio's online Resources page. Furthermore, as the Bud Boxes cater to children aged 0-3, incorporating more board books could mitigate concerns regarding accidental damage during handling. While my two-year-old typically handles books with care, occasional page tears are inevitable during independent exploration at this age.


In conclusion, I recommend Curio's book box subscription for caregivers seeking to immerse children in multicultural linguistic experiences. Beyond offering rare and enriching literary selections, Curio's provision of supplementary learning resources makes the price point of $50-55 per box quite reasonable.


Don't forget, shop through THIS LINK or use code ASIANSTORIES at checkout for 10% off your subscription!

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