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Asian-Owned Small Businesses for Unique Kids' Holiday Gifts

Asian-Owned Small Businesses for Unique  Kids' Holiday Gifts

Discover high-quality and unique gifts for children at these Asian-owned small businesses! Whether it's organic clothing for kids with sensitive skin, beautiful Asian dolls, engaging card games, or imaginative play food sets, there's something special for every child. Explore and support these wonderful businesses this holiday season!

Note: I primarily share book recommendations on this blog, so I'm keeping books off this list. If you're searching for awesome books from Asian authors and illustrators, check out my other blog posts or Instagram feed!

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  1. Avery and Me

  2. Bitty Bao

  3. Jilly Bing

  4. Joey Dolls

  5. Little Bean's Toy Chest

  6. Quokka Games

  7. Sabobatage

  8. Sunbridge

  9. The Wee Bean

  10. Yobe Qiu

  11. YumChaSF


Avery & Me

Avery & Me

Apparel, Rattle Dolls, and More

Avery & Me, founded by sisters Cathy and Maria, specializes in Asian-inspired baby apparel, rattle dolls, and other gifts. Their designs, crafted with love, are cute, colorful, playful, and can be customized.

Bitty Bao

Bitty Bao

Wooden Toys, Bilingual Books, and More

Founded by Lulu Cheng and Lacey Benard, Bitty Bao started as a labor-of-love book series, dedicated to providing bitty books for bitty babes, showcasing their passion for bilingual children's literature and cultural enrichment. Over time, they have expanded to sell a range of Asian culture-inspired wooden toys, apparel, and accessories.

Jilly Bing

Jilly Bing


Jilly Bing is a doll brand that believes in the importance of representation, empowerment through play, and the inspiration that dolls bring. Founded with the mission of creating dolls that authentically represent Asian American children, Jilly Bing offers The Jilly Doll. This lively character not only comes with a feisty personality and a sweet tooth, but also features a chef's hat that magically transforms into her playful sidekick, Lil Tart, adding an extra layer of joy and adventure to the experience.

Joey Dolls

Joey Dolls

Asian Cultural Dolls

JoeyDolls offers the world's most diverse Asian dolls, celebrating the rich tapestry of traditions and history found in Asia. Founded by Samantha, a mom committed to diversity, inclusion, and fostering confidence in children, JoeyDolls' award-winning Cultural Asian Dolls emphasize the importance of representation and relatability in shaping a child's self-perception.

Little Bean's Toy Chest

Little Bean's Toy Chest

Quiet Books and Other Handmade Gifts

Little Bean's Toy Chest specializes in creative quiet books designed to foster open-ended, imaginative play, cultivating fine motor skills, cognitive learning, and independence in children. Founded by Hai-Anh, a mom passionate about raising free thinkers and confident global citizens, the brand not only prioritizes purposeful play but also contributes to social impact by employing fair trade artisans.

Quokka Games

Quokka Games Yum Cha

Card Games

Quokka Games, founded by two brothers from Australia, Jono and Ando, emerged from their shared love for games, despite living in different cities. The brand's mission is to spread happiness by sharing their card game creations and the joy of gaming with the world.



Card Games

Sabobatage, created by Eric Chen and developed with the collaboration of Sophia Chang and Julie Zhan, is the first Boba Card Game in the US, designed for kids 7 and up, young adults, and families. Inspired by Asian American roots and fueled by a desire to bring sweet laughter and happiness to homes, the game has become a worldwide phenomenon.


Let's Count and Eat with Boba from Sunbridge

Card Games and Books

SunBridge is a brand passionate about early Mandarin language learning, offering bilingual experiences that make dual language accessible and enjoyable for both children and parents. Through their board books and card game, which incorporate Pinyin for easy reading, SunBridge aims to foster curiosity in Mandarin by celebrating Chinese culture, particularly its delicious foods, making the language learning experience engaging for little ones.

The Wee Bean

The Wee Bean

Organic Apparel, Blankets, Rattle Dolls, and More

The Wee Bean is a Hong Kong-based children's brand specializing in premium organic apparel and gifts designed for little ones with sensitive skin and eczema. Their range includes organic onesies, swaddle blankets, cotton bibs, mommy & me matching apparel, sleepwear, rattle toys, milestone blankets, and more, all crafted with the commitment to delivering stylish, sustainable, and quality products that prioritize the well-being of babies and the environment.

Yobe Qiu

Guess the Asian Food from Yobe Qiu

Card Games and Books

Yobe Qiu is a mom, author, entrepreneur, and educator. She is driven by the desire to help children feel seen, heard, and represented in literature, fostering a love for diverse cultures and experiences. In addition to her newly released card game, Yobe has published eight children's books focusing on AAPI culture and holidays.


YumChaSF Felt Play Food

Felt Play Food

YumChaSF is a brand that originated from Cara Nguyen's passion for creating sustainable and diverse Dim Sum felt toys, designed for educational play experiences and inspired by the founder's two girls.

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