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Bilingual Board Books

Updated: Jan 25

Introducing babies and toddlers to a second language can be a fun and rewarding experience, and bilingual board books are a great tool for this! In this post, I've compiled my top recommendations for bilingual board books grouped by language, including Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

At home, we're learning Mandarin Chinese, so my recommendations do lean towards Chinese resources. However, I believe that exposure to any language is beneficial for young children, so feel free to explore books in any of the languages listed. Happy reading!

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Note: Some of these books are only available from the small businesses that created them and are not on Amazon.

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Bilingual Kiddos (@bilingual.kiddos)

My Bilingual Book of Nursery Rhymes

My Bilingual Book of Festivals

Bitty Bao (@bitty.bao)

Round 1: Counting with Dim Sum, The Colors of Snow Ice, and Everyday Heroes

Round 2: Celebrating Chinese New Year, Lucky Lunar Animals, and Dragon Boat Festival

Round 3: Foodie Detectives, Boba Emotions, and It's Hot Pot Time

Round 4: Mooncakes, Our Moon, and Mid-Autumn Festival

Habbi Habbi (@behabbi)

Gordon and Lili (@gordonandlili)

Gordon and Lili Celebrate Chinese New Year

12 Lucky Animals by Vickie Lee and Joey Chou

Baby Snack Time (@babysnacktimebook)

Baby Snack Time

Baby Tea Time

Duck Duck Books (@duckduckbooks)

I Am Me and All Puppies are Good Puppies

I Love You More

Spark Collection (@thesparkcollection)

My Favorite Gift

The Bund Books (@thebundbooks)

Little Tomato

The Little Pineapple

Mandarin Prodigies (@mandarinprodigies)

Let's Learn Opposite Words

Lil Dumpling Publications (@lildumplingpublications)

Hearing & Seeing Chinese, I Can Make a Fruit Tart, and I Can Make a Salad

Bao Bao Learns Chinese (@baobaolearnschinese)

Volume 1 and 2


Cadamini Books (@cadaminibooks)

Let's Clean Up, Fun Opposites, and Fun Numbers

Shop Tiger Boom Creative (Cadamini Books)

Spark Collection (@thesparkcollection)

My Favorite Gift

Spark Collection has added a Korean bilingual edition since this post was written.

Habbi Habbi (@behabbi)

Since this post Habbi Habbi has added Korean and several other languages.


Tiny Wrist (@tinywristco)

Nursery Rhymes from Vietnam (@nurseryrhymesfromvn)

The Colors of Tet

Gemma's Library (@gemmas.library)

The Colors of the Rainbow, The Vietnamese Alphabet Book, and Gemma's Farm Adventure


Do you know a fantastic book that would make a great addition to this list? I'd love to hear your recommendations! Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for helping make this list even better!


I am an Amazon and Bookshop affiliate and may earn a small commission from purchases made through links posted on this site. This is at no cost to you and doesn't change your shopping experience in any way. All earnings go towards purchasing more books to review and give away for @AsianStoriesLibrary.


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