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Bobalicious Reads: Celebrating National Bubble Tea Day with Children's Books from Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 25

April 30 is National Bubble Tea Day! It's a perfect time to celebrate the delicious and refreshing drink loved by so many. Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that has taken the world by storm, and its popularity only seems to be growing. Whether you're a seasoned boba connoisseur or a newcomer to the bubble tea scene, there's always something new to discover and enjoy.

To mark this special occasion, I've put together a list of books by Asian-owned small businesses and independent authors that feature boba tea. Some of these books focus on the drink as the main attraction, while others feature it in a supporting role. So, grab a boba tea, settle in, and prepare to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bubble tea!

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Boba is the Focus

Boba Emotions

Boba Emotions from Bitty Bao

By: Lacey Bernard & Lulu Cheng (@bitty.bao)

Learn how to express feelings with the help of cute boba characters. Available in Mandarin (Simplified or Traditional) and Cantonese.

I Love Boba!

I Love Boba by Katrina Liu

Author: Katrina Liu (@MinaLearnsChinese)

Illustrator: Dhidit Prayoga

An ode to boba! A full-color picture book celebrating bubble tea and Asian culture with a whimsical rhyming story describing the many amazing reasons why boba is so great! If you love boba then this book is for you! The perfect gift for any boba drink lover. (Summary from Amazon)

I Love You, Little Boba

I Love You, Little Boba

Author: Conny Wong (@MiniLoveTales)

Illustrator: N. Zahra

A heartwarming board book that captures the tenderness of a caregiver's love for their little one. The book is beautifully illustrated with colorful depictions of different flavors of boba tea. The calming words of the poem make it a perfect bedtime story, while the lovely illustrations add to its charm.

Boba is Featured

ABC: Adobo, Boba, Chai

ABC: Adobo, Boba, Chai by Angel Halo Chang

By: Angel Halo Chang (@AngelHaloChang)

This is an alphabet board book highlighting Asian American culture. Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by a fun, alliterative sentence and whimsical illustrations!

Baby Tea Time

Baby Tea Time by Judy Li

Author: Judy Li (@BabySnackTimeBook)

Illustrator: Grace Kelly Zhang

In this adorably illustrated bilingual board board, Baby Juju hosts a tea party for her friends. After sampling some delicious tea and snacks, they travel Asia and learn how tea is enjoyed in many cultures!

Boba Bear Bilingual Series

Boba Bear Bilingual Series by Ran Wei Baker

Author: Ran Wei Baker (@BobaBearBilingual)

Illustrator: Haley Moss

Go on different adventures with Boba Bear - from exploring the great outdoors and learning colors, to visiting NYC and learning to count, to understanding all of her favorite Lunar New Year traditions. (Description from author's website)

Doubly Happy ABCs for ABCs

Doubly Happy ABCs for ABCs by Anna Wong

By: Anna Wong (@DoublyHappy)

This alphabet book celebrates the combination of Chinese and American culture through rich, colorful illustrations and rhyming descriptions. The color scheme and way the wording is incorporated into the illustrations is really fun and eye catching!

A Little Book of Taiwanese Eats

A Little Book of Taiwanese Eats: A Bopomofo Foodie Book by Maryann Chu

Author: Maryann Chu (@OurLittleMando)

Illustrator: Stephany Lai

The book teaches the Bopomofo phonetic alphabet through delicious Taiwanese dishes! Each page focuses on a dish and has its name in Pinyin, Chinese characters, Zhuyin (Bopomofo), and English. Each dish is accompanied by a fun, rhyming description in English.

Night Market

Night Market by Ariel Chang

By: Ariel Chang (@ArielChang888)

Join Gigi and her family as they explore the vibrant Taiwanese Night Market together! From sipping on delicious boba tea to testing their luck at the claw machine, indulging in the flavors of stinky tofu and shaved ice, to shopping for unique finds, Gigi is thrilled to be staying up past her bedtime to experience it all. Come along for the ride and discover the endless excitement of this lively night market with Gigi and her family!

Tasting Chinatown

Tasting Chinatown Ashley Chang

By: Ashley Chang and Jeffrey Chan (@TheABCDigest)

Embark on a delicious journey through Chinatown with this charming alphabet board book, perfect for little learners! From scrumptious Almond Cookies to traditional Zongzi, each letter of the alphabet is brought to life with vibrant colors, accompanied by mouth-watering treats and playful rhyming descriptions. With bold and easy-to-read letters, this book is sure to captivate young readers and inspire a love for food and learning. Join the fun and explore the flavors of Chinatown with every turn of the page!


Do you know a fantastic book that would make a great addition to this list? I'd love to hear your recommendations! Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for helping make this list even better!


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