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Five Books by Asian Authors and Illustrators to Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

Updated: Jan 25

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a significant traditional holiday celebrated in various parts of Asia. It's a time filled with dragon boat races, zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), and rich cultural traditions. In this post, I've curated a selection of five captivating children's books that beautifully capture the spirit and excitement of this festival.

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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival by Bitty Bao

Author / Illustrator: Lacey Bernard and Lulu Cheng (@bitty.bao)

Introduce your little ones to shapes and their names in two languages while celebrating Chinese culture with this Dragon Boat Festival book. Packed with vibrant illustrations, this bilingual read not only teaches about the festival's traditions and customs, but also helps children learn about shapes and their characteristics in English and Chinese. Parents will love the seamless integration of culture and the fun learning experience provided by this eye-catching book.

Dragon Boat Festival Wishes

Dragon Boat Festival Wishes by Jillian Lin

Author: Jillian Lin

Illustrator: Shi Meng

Join the excitement of the Dragon Boat Festival celebration! In "Dragon Boat Festival Wishes," children aged 2 to 6 can follow Ying and Han's family as they prepare for and celebrate this important Chinese tradition. With beautiful illustrations and interesting facts, this bilingual (English-Chinese) book is perfect for early readers or as a read-aloud, offering a delightful story and opportunities for discussion.

My Dragon Boat Festival

My Dragon Boat Festival by Bing Ge

Author: Bing Ge

Illustrator: Li Li

Every year a boy and his parents travel back to their hometown to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It’s a wondrous time for the boy, as he learns Chinese traditions from his grandparents. He always leaves with only one wish―to return next year. (Description from Amazon)

Our Double Fifth Celebration

Our Double Fifth Celebration by Yobe Qiu

Author: Yobe Qiu (@byyobeqiu)

Illustrator: Altheya Pulvera

On the fifth day of the fifth month, there is so much to celebrate! Boats race to the beat of the drums in the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Japanese carp flags wave in the wind for National Children’s Day. And women soar on the swings during Dano in Korea.In this third book in the Asian Holidays series, children will learn about the different foods, festivals, and family customs that make the Double Fifth celebration special. (Description from Amazon)

The First Dragon Boat Festival

The First Dragon Boat Festival by L Sam Zhang

Author / Illustrator: L Sam Zhang (@lsamzhang)

The Dragon Boat Festival celebrates the first Chinese poet, Qu Yuan. And before the poet came along, this Chinese holiday was all about getting rid of creepy crawlies at the beginning of summer! Come explore the many traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival. Along the way, you may learn a few Chinese words and get to know some interesting historical figures. (Description from Amazon)


Do you know a fantastic book that would make a great addition to this list? I'd love to hear your recommendations! Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for helping make this list even better!


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