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Interactive Books from Asian-Owned Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome to my book list featuring interactive books published by Asian-Owned Small Businesses! I am proud to showcase books that go beyond the usual reading experience, engaging multiple senses with elements like textures, flaps, and music. I believe that children can benefit greatly from this kind of multi-sensory learning, as it can help them stay focused for longer periods and absorb knowledge more effectively. You will find that most of the books on this list utilize interactive elements to assist in language learning, making them not only fun but also educational. I hope that you and your little ones will enjoy exploring these amazing books and supporting Asian-Owned Small Businesses!

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Note: most of these books are only available directly from the small businesses that created them and are not on Amazon.

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Bao Bao Learns Chinese (@baobaolearnschinese)

Type of interaction: Press and listen sound bar

Bowie's Adventure Books (@bowiesadventurebooks)

Type of interaction: Press and listen sound bar

Fish Tales and Rhymes (@fishtalesrhymes)

Type of interaction: Press and listen sound bar

Habbi Habbi (@BeHabbi)

Type of interaction: Reading wand

Little Bean's Toy Chest (@LittleBeansToyChest)

Type of interaction: Textures, removable pieces, lift-a-flap, and more.

My Peach Tot (@MyPeachTot)

Type of interaction: Press and listen

Spark Collection (@thesparkcollection)

Type of interaction: Lift-a-flap / embedded flash cards, dry erase


Do you know a fantastic book that would make a great addition to this list? I'd love to hear your recommendations! Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for helping make this list even better!


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